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Credits for materials and other resources used in Photoshop can be found here.

If something belongs to you and you were not properly credited, please send me a note to bring it to my attention. :heart:




9/21 by Hydeist-666
9/21 - Happy Birthday, Cho Hakkai! :heart:

My first legit Saiyuki fan art (because all my previous ones where shit, and I was a little kid when I made them XD) and I'm glad it turned out decent after I realized I used the wrong brush right after I finished the hair. OTL

Hakkai is my second favorite character from Saiyuki, the first being the baldy monk, of course. TEEHEE.

Done in about 6-7 hours using SAI and Photoshop.
Reference images were used.

Cho Hakkai, Saiyuki (C) Minekura Kazuya Saiyuki is loosely based on the Chinese classic, "Journey to the West" by Wu Cheng'en
Subway Novella Font (C) KC Fonts
Art (C) Hydeist-666 / YABI

PS. Saiyuki is my favorite anime and manga. :heart:
PPS. The pose looks more of a Gojyo thing. HAHAHAHA.
PPPS. (Seriously) I'm not sure if this is the right category for this. THE CATEGORIES CONFUSE ME, OKAY.
Hopeful Smile by Hydeist-666
Hopeful Smile
A quick drawing of my Ragnarok Online Ranger, Elizabeth Slick.

It was my first time doing something like this, as I'm always trying to make sure the lineart is perfect and clean and whatever, but I had fun drawing this. It felt like a time attack. Haha.

Done in SAI in about 30 minutes - an hour?
Reference photo: [Tada~]

Art (C) Hydeist-666 / YABI
Ranger, Ragnarok Online (C) GRAVITY, based on the manhwa by Lee Myeongjin

Trivia: The name "Elizabeth Slick" was taken from the name of one of the cats of L'Arc~en~Ciel's guitarist, ken. (WHOM I LOVE VERY VERY MUCH YAS TEEHEE~)
I still don't quite know if I'm placing my stuff in the correct categories, even after 8 years of being in dA. xD
Kehe by Hydeist-666
You're nothing but a memory.

A chibi version of a character that I and someone I used to know came up with. I drew it for them on June 5th.

I'm uploading this because I was happy with the outcome, and I even had to cut my nails because I was rushing haha.

Done using SAI
Art (C) Hydeist-666 / YABI
Background taken from Google Images. I'll update with the source when I find it in my back-up files. Haha.
Rock Ur Body - N by Hydeist-666
Rock Ur Body - N
Late post - I drew this last January 2014. Hahaha. I've drawn quite a few things the past couple of months, but I don't really post them on dA for some reason, so perhaps I should. This was supposedly just a doodle, but I really like how it came out, especially the hair, because I'm specifically bad at 2 things when it comes to digital drawings: 1) hair, and 2) coloring. :rofl:

So... During this time, I was going crazy over KPop group, VIXX, particularly with their leader, N (Cha Hakyeon), so I doodled him doing weird aegyo (don't ask; I don't know either) in his "Rock Ur Body" outfit which is still one of my VIXX favorites. :heart:

Done in Open Canvas, because I was trying to get used to using it. :p

Art (C) Hydeist-666 / YABI
N, Cha Hakyeon (C) Himself HAHAHAHA
VIXX is a KPop group under Jellyfish Entertainment
Background was taken from Google Images (I know I have it saved with the source somewhere in my files, sorry. I'll update when I find it ;; )
I threw out the ones that didn't need to be there anymore, especially the ones that just annoyed me hahaha.

Slowly but surely, I shall fill this place again. :heart:


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I threw out the ones that didn't need to be there anymore, especially the ones that just annoyed me hahaha.

Slowly but surely, I shall fill this place again. :heart:

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